Elephant Social Case Study

6 Strategies That Put Elephant Social On The Map..as told by Olla The Agency

"If you love design, make good art. If you love innovation, be different. If you love making conversations, share this article.”

There are two important steps Olla The Agency undertakes for every new client.
  • We get to know YOU. Not the bulleted resume or the researched interview answers, but the daydreaming man and procrastinating woman behind the curtain.
  • We get to know YOUR IDEA and then, we develop it.
This took us 4 months of working closely with our client, Elephant Media Network for the launch of their pioneering product, Elephant Social, at Gitex 2017 held in Dubai, UAE.
Here are 6 of our top strategies to ensure every client makes waves:

  1. WORK IT! Breathe. Start Over. Media Training is Everything. There's a camera everywhere. The mic is always on. The best of public speakers have failed miserably in front of cameras. Welcome to the 21st century where your biggest fear is becoming an internet meme. Olla trained the Elephant Social team in soft-skills to stay natural in front of the lens and hold up diverse conversations, whilst networking, with the right amount of banter. You are a big part of the brand you are trying to build.

  2. Social Media War Room. Media Outreach and A Bag of Goodies. We are speed-tweeters and professional hashtaggers. But, we are also your marketers, data analyzers, documentation crew, brokers of online fame and entourage at events. You cannot and should not be anything other than the face, voice and charm of your stand on launch day. For everything else, there’s Olla.

    During GiTex Elephant Social’s social media accounts were abuzz gaining followers, leads and engagement. Our on-site crew moved press and foot-traffic towards the Elephant Social stand. All the while, we collected contact information to reach out to key persons of interest for the business.

  3. The Only Time Viral is Good Perfect advertisement videos have ended dictatorships and built empires. There were 105 million estimated video ad watchers in 2015. And you guessed right, it’s only increasing. Elephant Social’s target audience, like any other audience, is part of this phenomenon. To bring home the crowd, an animated/live video was scripted, shot, edited, re-edited, uploaded and re-uploaded online. We believe an effective video is your greatest elevator pitch.

  4. Olla! You Have Reached the Right Place at the Right Time. Attending events, conferences and even meet-ups is vital to your PR agenda. Our clients are sent for friendlies at similar events, recommended by Olla, to make sure they network well at home before the away game. Elephant Social was present at the AWS Summit Bahrain where they understood competition, collaboration opportunities and leads for their product. Olla understands your crowd and where you should be.

  5. What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’? Personal Branding Matters. Anyone who has created something, ran something or worked on projects will understand what ‘losing yourself’ truly means. Fortunately for our clients, Olla ensures to look at not just the company’s brand, but the owners’ personal brands as well. The Elephant Social team was prepped for their big day, reinforcing the brand identity through their wardrobe. Team Elephant Social was geared up in light blue and beige combination outfits for fresh, relatable and modern look. They absolutely DID make heads turn.

  6. Keep Calm, The Party Just Got Started You made it to the end of the list and your launch day, so here’s everything that’s going to do down. We are currently doing press releases, collecting feedback, uploading images, preparing contact lists, networking, finding events, tweeting, listening, polling, analyzing, further PR-ing, conducting a post-mortem of the event and sending out invites for celebratory drinks with the Elephant Team.

  7. And we will definitely..be doing it all over again. Want to make waves with Olla? Get in touch with us! We offer great conversation, questionable humor and a whole round of high fives.

    Yours Truly,
    Team Olla The Agency